B2B Social Media: Thinking Beyond Lead Generation

by: Ben Friedle

B2B Ghost of Social Media Past

There was a time when the social media presence of a business could be minimal without much impact to its business goals. Today, we find many of the business owners who question the value social media brings to their business to business marketing are still thinking about value solely in terms of traditional lead generation. That’s an often shortsighted view of the many ways social media can help a business grow, missing the full range of influence taking place as potential customers use social media to learn out about a company’s values, its culture, and even its place within the community at large.

Since social media strategy works much differently from direct product marketing, deciding which channels to focus on and what or even when to share is a common stumbling block.

But the simple fact is, social media in today’s B2B environment isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a must.

The online presence of your company should be a reflection of the culture and attitudes that exist within your organization. Consistency is key--it can take some time to build momentum and gain a followership that reflects the membership you’re seeking. But with a consistent social media strategy, and content that reflects your brand and company, growth will happen.

Make an Impression with Your Company's Social Media

Even if your social media messaging is centered on highlighting great employees, cool things happening around the office, or even an interesting lunch event, you can still make an impression by ensuring what you’re posting is authentic to your culture and your brand. Keep true to your company’s personality and help social audiences understand how it feels to be there in person. This in turn will help them feel like they have a better understanding of what it will be like to do business with you.

Remember, a mismatch or lack of transparency can create an immediate false impression. New and increasingly savvy generations find these types of falsehoods both obvious and off-putting. One last thing to remember: When you undertake your own social media strategy, engage consistently. The more you engage, the more consistently others will engage with you. You don’t have to be an expert to manage basic social media accounts. These tips can help you get a great start for your company.

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