Visual Trends for 2017


Zoe Gieringer - April 20 at 04:30 pm - 20 views

Crazy as it may seem, we’re already four months deep into 2017. Which means new visual trends are starting to emerge and evolve. It’s important to know how trends are changing so that you can better connect with your audience and provide visuals th...

Design History Cereal Boxes Header

Design History for Breakfast


chegeman - August 1 at 02:58 pm - 25 views

We decided cereal boxes aren't educational enough. Check out our solution...

Web Style Guides and Brand Reach - Foundational Elements

Web Style Guides and Brand Reach - Foundational Elements


dianalien - July 21 at 11:03 am - 4 views

In an earlier post—Branding Translation, the Meaning Behind Visual Language—we discussed the importance of brand consistency and a thorough brand guideline.In this post we move over to Web Style Guides—guidelines to creating web elements, and dis...

Get Out There and Get Inspired!


dianalien - April 1 at 02:00 pm - 5 views

I was able to attend the Portland Semi-Permanent conference last week and was blown away by the talent that we have in our design industry. Design can come in so many forms - print, digital, music, the list continues.The biggest, most important thing t...

Outlier Lends a Hand for Northwest Children's Fund Fundraising Event


KMartin - March 13 at 03:46 am - 8 views

With so many great causes to support, the Outlier team could proudly keep ourselves busy doing pro-bono work all the day long. Unfortunately, this pro-bono business model still has some kinks to work out, so in the meantime we'll keep our for-profit mo...

Transform Your Website with Web Fonts and Typography


KMartin - February 14 at 01:00 pm - 7 views

When it comes to choosing a font for your website, how do you narrow down the thousands of different type faces? What's the best selection for your content?With access to thousands of new fonts in the last few years, web designers everywhere are rejoic...

Convert Your Heart Out! With a Strong, Focused Call to Action (Part 2 of 2)


dianalien - August 20 at 01:28 am - 4 views

Last week we reviewed steps to creating a strong call to action to turn your website visitors into future customers. This week we've asked Outlier's Lead Designer Diana Lien, to walk us through the steps involved in designing an effective Call to Actio...

Branding Translation - The Meaning Behind Visual Language


dianalien - June 29 at 04:10 am - 14 views

Brand and IdentityA strong logo and identity is memorable, recognizable, and should encompass a business' values, goals, and overall message.As with all companies, the logo/branding process starts with the business name. What does the company do? What ...

5 Women Designers You Should Know About - In Honor of International Women's Month


Ben Friedle - March 25 at 03:42 pm - 9 views

In honor of March being International Women’s Month, here are 5 influential females working in the design field. These trail blazing ladies deserve some recognition.Marian Bantjes: It would be more accurate to label Marian Bantjes as a graphic artist...

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