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Screenshot of Wistia Video Campaign

The Lies of Wistia

Video Production

Zoe Gieringer - July 29 at 09:00 am - 27 views

How Wistia, Vidyard and others are misleading content creators about video production.

Story Starts Here display sign at entrance to NAB

NAB 2019: 8k and LED Screens

Video Production

Zoe Gieringer - April 23 at 12:15 pm - 43 views

A quick look at some of the technology that inspired us at NAB this year.

Animating Photos to Capture your Audience

Video Production

Zoe Gieringer - March 16 at 03:57 pm - 136 views

Capturing and holding your audience’s attention is both crucial and getting more difficult. Visuals make a great hook. They can help you engage your audience, communicate a message, and enforce your brand. Video is especially engaging. As more people...

Parallax Photo Animations

How To Create Interesting Photo Animations: Technique #3

Video Production

Zoe Gieringer - March 16 at 03:36 pm - 116 views

The Double Exposure Effect Double exposure has been a popular effect in photography for a long time. So why not take it to video? For this effect, you’ll need: A high res portrait photo Stock video of scenery or an object that isn’t too bu...

How To Create Interesting Photo Animations: Technique #2

Video Production

Zoe Gieringer - March 16 at 03:00 pm - 56 views

False Slow-Motion with the Puppet ToolThis technique features the puppet tool in After Effects. You won’t be able to do crazy or exaggerated movement with the puppet tool, as it distorts the image quickly. But it works great if you want to add just a...

Photo Animation Technique Tutorial

How To Create Interesting Photo Animations: Technique #1

Video Production

Zoe Gieringer - March 16 at 12:51 pm - 60 views

Manipulating photos and turning them into something new is not only fun, it opens up a whole new arsenal of interesting visuals for you to use. A good photo can communicate a lot - adding energy and life to that photo with movement can communicate even...

New Outlier Jump Cut with Gladys Bikes

Video Production

Zoe Gieringer - March 16 at 12:23 pm - 27 views

Biking is a pretty big thing here in Portland, so is female empowerment. Mix the two together and you get Gladys Bikes! Please enjoy our latest jumpcut. Visit the shop:

The DaVinci Resolve 14 Experience

Video Production

Zoe Gieringer - July 18 at 02:23 pm - 68 views

There has been a lot of hype recently with Davinci’s new release of Resolve 14. After seeing it mentioned in blogs and magazine articles and having it come up in a conversation with an acquaintance, I thought it was time to give it a try. I was creat...

The Hammond B3 Organ Sound is Hard to Describe

Video Production

Ben Friedle - November 30 at 11:55 am - 131 views

The Hammond B3 organ sound is hard to describe, but it feels something like being surrounded by the music. When you hear it in a club or intimate setting it becomes a centerpiece, like listening to many voices live. It creates so much texture and suppo...

jumbled letters scramble

Hell Yes I’m Ready to Write a Video Script!

Video Production

KMartin - October 27 at 09:32 am - 21 views

Great news, video newbies! You’re almost ready to started writing that script for your new video project. And we’ve saved up some of our very best advice for those just getting started with video to prove script writing doesn’t have to be an...

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