Convert Your Heart Out! With a Focused Call to Action.

by: KMartin

When you work in internet marketing, a lot of your time is spent thinking about website traffic. How many people are making it to your site? How did they find you? How can you better position yourself to get found faster in the future? And so on. The challenge is to not get so lost in all the excitement you forget to ask, how much of that traffic is converting into actual leads? 

How we go about this involves a host of tools, but one key element to a successful conversion is the Call to Action.

What is a Call to Action, and what does it look like? Words that urge the viewer to take an immediate action, such as "Write Now," "Call Now," or "Click Here."

Every site should have them, but often that's not the case. Take a few minutes to look through your website.

Can you easily identify your call to action?

A good call to action helps focus site visitors and gives them access to solutions or benefits to gain. In turn, the call to action gives us measurable results so we get better information about the success (or lack thereof) of a new site, web page, or campaign. A good Call to Action combines content and visual design to draw visitors, offer them something great, and get them moving to the next step.

How do you guarantee your Call to Action will function the way you want it to? Keep reading, we've included some basic steps you can complete to ensure you get the results you want:

Step 1: Know what you want.

A Call to Action needs to be really clear and compelling to your audience. That means as CTA creators, we need to be really clear on what we want the user to do. Do we want them to sign up for a newsletter? Request a product or service quote? What is the first step towards the final goal of the CTA? 

Step 2: Use clear, compelling language

Use clear language that makes people want to do something. Provide them with the sense of urgency needed to do something. Use strong, active language that drives them to that next step.

Step 3: Provide incentive

No one is going to follow through on your call to action if you dont' give them a darn good reason to. Make sure you are offering a clear benefit/solution to visitors, so they know that taking the next step will help them out.

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Written by Kathleen Martin


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