Convert Your Heart Out! With a Strong, Focused Call to Action (Part 2 of 2)

by: dianalien

Last week we reviewed steps to creating a strong call to action to turn your website visitors into future customers.

This week we've asked Outlier's Lead Designer Diana Lien, to walk us through the steps involved in designing an effective Call to Action for your site.

Design Steps

So you know what you want to say, now how do you say it AND make it look pretty? A strong Call to Action combines a clear message with strong visual appeal. Below are some things to keep in mind when deciding on how the Call to Action looks.

Step 1: Find the perfect position

Depending on the layout of your website, there can be multiple areas to fit a CTA. Well designed sites take into consideration these CTAs during the web development phase, and the CTAs are given a prominent location on the page so it's front and centered. They should be easy to spot, on a page with similar content, and compliment the visual aesthetics of the brand.

Step 2: Use a contrasting color

Using a contrasting color will help highlight the Call to Action. Color has emotional appeal and the viewer will be drawn to click to learn more.

Step 3: Give it room to breathe

You don't want to bury the CTA with other graphical elements, photos, forms, etc. Give the button some space so the eyes can hone in on the message and get to the next step without having to search for it.

Step 4: Is it big enough?

If in doubt, make it bigger. If a user knows exactly why they landed on your page, don't make them jump through hoops to get what they want. A big CTA that's easy to understand makes the task quick and simple. Just the way it should be.

Now you should have all the tools to start creating your own Call to Action. What will you say? How will you say it?


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