Effective Marketing and Creative Communications Are A Team Effort

by: KMartin

Yes, Outlier is a full-service creative communications agency. And, by reading Outlier's Philosophy page you may have learned that we see our graphic design, web development, content marketing and Search Engine Optimization services simply as pieces of what's known around these parts as Marketing. But what exactly does that mean for Outlier clients?

It's a good question, and one that's stuck in the Outliers' collective conscienceness. Everything we do at Outlier is done to create powerful results for our clients--whether that consists of inspired graphic design or the highly technical tasks needed to create a new web application or Drupal website. The point is, keeping our final goal in mind (Do! Better! Marketing!) helps keep us in line with what's in the best interest of our clients, and the truth is, making you all look good requires a team effort.

I took some time to check in with members of the Outlier agency to get an inside look at how they perceive their roles. One of Outlier's key selling points is that clients get the combined know-how of a hand-picked group of individuals who are each passionate about two things: the success of our clients, and the drive to push ourselves to do more.

So here you go - a peek at what makes the Outlier agency tick!

Ben Friedle, Outlier Co-Founder & Licensed Vision-Quest Guide

"It is my largest responsibility to provide a vision for marketing strategy, and to help weave a line of communication throughout the creative process. I want to hear all about our clients' customers and competitors, so that I can put myself in their shoes and check off goals week by week, project by project. I also help define what Outlier's product offering is, and push the team to constantly improve it."

"When it comes to video I am fueled by sheer passion for the medium - I love making videos and pushing clients to be creative and open-minded about using video to communicate. In the SEO world, I make sure each individual activity weaves together to drive more traffic and conversions. Nothing makes me happier than a high ranking landing page, written for humans, that provides useful information and looks like it was designed by a pro."

Jed Herzog, Outlier Co-Founder & Official Leader of the Outlier Nerds

"A big part of my responsibilities is to oversee the web development at Outlier. A key differentiator that I continue to instill in my team is that we do what we do because we love building web sites. Our customers may have purchased a website from Outlier, but that website isn't the end goal. We are a creative agency backed by strategic insight, and the goal for our clients is to help them meet new customers and provide better service for their current customers."

"The website itself is simply the tool we are leveraging on behalf of our clients to create stronger brand awareness and support lead generation. This belief needs to stay with us every step of the way. It's our "big picture" and everything we do is focused on that."

Diana Lien, Lead Graphic Designer and Chosen Guardian of the Brand

"A company's brand conveys quality, credibility, and experience. It's a combination of values, promise, and strong ideas. The presentation, or visuals, and communication or voice of a company is essential in creating a unified, and well established brand. This is where design comes in -- visual design, as well as the design and execution of voice."

"Almost always, first impressions happen visually. And good--or bad--impressions only take a moment."

Here are some of the things Diana asks our clients to seriously consider:

  • Are your web presence and the images you use consistent with your voice and messaging?
  • Is there an aesthetic that is carried and shown throughout all your marketing collateral?
  • What does your logo look like and does it represent your vision and purpose?

"Just like showing up to an interview, you want to look your best. At Outlier, we work to identify your brand values and create design assets to help you showcase your knowledge and skills. You can think of us as your personal shopper, filling up your walk-in closet with all the outfits, accessories (and shoes) to prepare you for that perfect interview."

Kathleen Martin, Marketing and Communications and Resident Logophile

"I see my role in two ways. First and foremost, I am here to guide the voice and messaging of our clients. Their vision is what started this journey; I am here to help turn that into communications that stay true to that vision and ultimately will prove most effective for speaking to their customers."


"The second part of my role is to maintain cohesion between the sometimes impressive collection of moving parts of a marketing campaign. This means I am watchful of our projects and always aware of the direction we're moving in, as well as how it will be experienced by the chosen audience. Does this stay in line with our messaging? How do all of these pieces turn into the big picture we're aiming for?"

The end result? A group that combines big thinking with attention to detail. A fully realized strategy that brings together technical knowledge and heart-felt design. A host of services that can all be coined Marketing.

-Written by Kathleen Martin


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