Focusing on Longterm Brand Potential

by: KMartin

This month, I got the lucky opportunity to attend the 2013 MozCon conference for the first time up in Seattle, Washington. I have to be honest with you--the ensuing buzz I came home with might just be permanent.

To top that off, the Outlier team has been actively engaged in some serious project work over recent weeks that has got us feeling pretty good, too. There's nothing quite like the thrill of launching new projects to help our clients succeed, and in the last month we've enjoyed the glow that comes after launching several big projects with successful results. We. Love. Results.

But our work isn't done following a few immediate successes--not yet--not by a long shot. One of the main takeaways I mentioned earlier from the MozCon conference was that there is a major shift happening in how we perceive SEO and marketing. For years, the focus for SEOs and digital marketers has been, if not firmly entrenched, then at least strongly flavored by an emphasis on tactics over strategy, and quick results over longterm strategy.

But that dynamic is changing. Quick tactics aimed at fast results aren't working anymore. There's a strong shift taking place, and that shift favors the business that are able to create a true brand experience, no matter if they are a "conventional" brand or not. The point being, this wakeup call applies to ALL businesses, not solely what we tend to think of as "brand businesses." 

There was at time when we forgot that marketing should be about helping organizations meet their business goals. Say what?! One excellent speaker at last week's event, Mackenzie Fogelson of Mack Web Solutions, covered this concept pretty thoroughly. What are our clients goals? And not just marketing goals - what are their goals for the future of their business? Is what we're doing helping them build the brand that they want?

It sounds simple in theory, but what that's asking for is a pretty important distinction. Because what that means is that we have to move away from a "quick results" ideology and instead turn that energy to the long-term. That means thinking about where these projects today will lead us in the future. It means being strategic. It means moving beyond tactics, and it means asking ourselves--constantly and loudly--if what we're doing aligns with our longterm goals. Will it build the brand's longterm potential?


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