Get Out There and Get Inspired!

by: dianalien

I was able to attend the Portland Semi-Permanent conference last week and was blown away by the talent that we have in our design industry. Design can come in so many forms - print, digital, music, the list continues.

The biggest, most important thing that I took away from it all was to just get out there. Get off your butt! Get up and out of your seat -- go outside and take it all in.

Inspiration can come from all over, and when you least expect it - and at times when you feel like you're losing that focus, that drive, that motivation - go and search for it somewhere else. You never know where you may find it. Actually, you don't even have to search. It might just hit you. And maybe, hopefully, you'll feel something. A tingle of inspiration. Just something. Enough to move you to create.

In the digital age, where everything lives in and on your screen, it's hard to actually see the bigger picture. And yes, that's ironic. We have all this information at our fingertips - but how likely are we to take advantage of it? Too much of anything is no good. So step back.

Pick up a pencil. Draw something. Listen to something new. Put your station on random. It's not that hard. Open your eyes and your ears. It's that simple. Who knows - you might learn a thing or two.


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