How We Assess the Social Media Landscape for Life Science

by: mmeyers

We often think of scientists as the geniuses that toil away in a laboratory far from the reaches of the media world.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla, and Albert Einstein were all masters of projecting their accomplishments and personalities into the media spotlight.

Scientists build their careers on drawing attention to their discoveries and accomplishments.  Leveraging social media channels, a scientist or inventor can drive their message to the right audience…while they wait for that Nobel Prize nomination.

Here at Outlier, we understand how to manage the tools and pull the levers to help the scientist or inventor successfully engage with their audience.  Whether it is the biotech company looking to draw attention to their early stage drug candidate, the established company that develops and markets tools used in life science research, the start up company looking secure to investment capital or the academic researcher that is seeking to draw the attention of the journalist community, a solid and well orchestrated social media campaign can propel your message.

I think that many scientists do not always see the value of social media in their craft due to the very consumer (and occasionally frivolous) image of some of the media platforms.  While this can, in some cases, be true the right social media campaign can powerful way to drive your brand as a scientist or a science based company.  Oh, and did I mention that John Venter has over 22,000 followers on Twitter and Bill Nye, the Science Guy, has over 1.5 million!    

A solid social media program can help you by:

  • Grabbing the attention of the journalist community
  • Help you elevate the SEO of your website
  • Communicate accomplishments, partnerships, product launches
  • Build brand awareness
  • Engage with customers
  • Increase sales leads

Outlier can develop a comprehensive program to give you a stellar social media presence.  Our program consists of the following pillars to success:

Social Media Audit –We find out your current social media and SEO status.  

Competitor Landscape – We spend the time to research what your competitors are doing.

Social Media Strategy Development – We use the findings from our research and analysis fold that into your goals to develop a customized and measurable strategy.

Implement – We take the strategy we have crafted, develop the tools to inspire your audience, select the most effective channels to reach your audience to achieve our strategic goals.  We do the hard work of crafting, creating content/copy, and deploying the communications.

Social Media Measurement – We always strive to continuously improve in this ever changing landscape. We use benchmarking to see how the strategy and tactics are working and adjust as needed.

Let Outlier be your social media strategist and workhorse in creating a communication campaign that can drive your message and inspire your audience.


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