It's A Mobile World We Live in: Responsive Email Design & Content Strategy

by: KMartin

All Different Sizes of Mobile Devices

We’ve all been intrigued by responsive web design for a while now and, for the majority of us, we’ve gone ahead and tipped back a frosty mug or two of the Kool-Aid (here at Outlier for example any new website design project we undertake employs responsive web design as our default). We understand that the number of people using alternative devices to access the web--from iPhones and Androids to the ever increasing number of tablet devices on the market--is no joke. And we want people to find our websites and get what they need from the sites no matter what tool they use to get there.



But one of the most important reasons people are using their Smartphones, tablets, and, yes, the good old fashioned laptop is still not getting as much love as it could, and we’re here to argue it’s time for a change. It is, in fact, THE time to think mobile when it comes to your email marketing strategy.





That means not only planning for multiple screen sizes when it comes to streamlining email design and coding, it also means shaping your mobile email content to make the most sense for how people are accessing your email and in light of what you have planned for the next steps you want them to take after reading.





Responsive web design and mobile email accessibility





Responsive email design and mobile email accessiblity mean building your email strategy around a few basic data points that are easily accessible from almost any email marketing platform. These can then be analyzed to create smarter, more effective email strategy that gets the results you’re after:





  • Email client/media used to open email
  • Details about when emails are opened (including both the day of the week and time of day)





Studies have shown that different devices are used at different times of day and days of the week. For instance, many people still access email campaigns during the normal workday on a desktop computer. Those same people are more likely to open an email on a tablet device over the weekend, and still more likely yet to access emails via Smartphone on their commute to and from work.





Tailoring email deliveries to these varying usage metrics and creating content that’s designed to suit the needs of users will almost certainly get the most powerful response from email recipients.





Basic Tips for Email Marketing for Mobile Devices:





  • Mobile content is easiest to digest when it fills the entire screen. A single column is the most frequently cited as easy to read, but multi-columns are sometimes used.
  • Be careful with those words! For many users, a shorter form email with less text is preferable for mobile email.
  • Design with clumsy thumbs in mind. Any Call to Action buttons or links to other web pages should include buttons with a large hit spot to accommodate user thumbs.
  • Design mobile content for immediate action. What do you want the user to do RIGHT NOW? Any content that wants a user to do something later is bound to get lost in the floodwaters of content that any modern user is wading through on a daily basis.





Ready to go mobile with your email? Your email marketing resources may already include everything you need to get started. You can also contact our team at Outlier to learn more about email marketing and to find out how you can best put it to use for your brand.




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