Out of the Box and Away from Print: Content Marketing for Manufacturers

by: KMartin

Many of you may have seen our link to a recent article published in Content Marketing World that offered some compelling statistics about the state of content marketing for the manufacturing industry (in light of other B2B sectors).



The results of the study were both surprising and, well, not surprising. Some of the key takeaways:





  1. Manufacturing B2B has the same content marketing goals as other segments, including brand awareness, lead generation and customer acquisition.
  2. While some manufacturers are buying into the digital content shift, many still choose print advertising over other choices (even though only 11% find this effective).
  3. Only 54% have a blog. Thought leadership or increasing web traffic are not often considered as reasons to start one.



Anyone see room for opportunity here? With minimal effort, manufacturers can take some major strides to beat the competition when it comes to content marketing. A few thoughts:



  • Many manufacturers aren't looking at blogging as a way to increase web traffic, yet many of those same respondents claimed that increased web traffic was a key factor in deciding the efficacy of content marketing efforts. As early as 2009, blogging was found to be an effective SEO tactic that could increase website traffic by up to 55%.
  • Starting a blog can put you ahead of up to 46% of your peers now. Today. Over 50% of manufacturing marketers plan on increasing their content marketing efforts (and budgets) in the next year. This means a huge opportunity today could be somewhat inconsequential within one year.
  • You could be sitting on a mountain of keyword-rich, optimized content that's busy bringing you plenty of website traffic in one year's time by starting now.





Let's not forget print. It still gets an oversized chunk of marketing budgets. But... it isn't being perceived as effective as it once was. So why is it still getting more attention than, say, a helpful white paper or a blog series that can actually help your customers out and provide them with information that supports sales efforts while providing useful product information?





It is time for a new approach, one that fits the changing ecosystem in which today's marketers function. 





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Written by Kathleen Martin




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