Outlier Bids Adieu to 2015, Lights Fuse on the New Year

by: KMartin

For everything you've given us, 2015, we thank you.

The longer Outlier is around, the more we realize the age-old adage is true and time really does fly when you’re having fun. We know because just this year, we’ve managed to eke out every last drop in a year filled with a whole lot of the good stuff. And what’s even better? We’re primed and ready to dial it right back up (plus a few additional notches) to make 2016 the BEST. YEAR. YET.

We can’t think of a better way to have started 2015 off than teaming up with with veteran lab supplier Gilson for an international campaign to launch the company’s new PIPETMAN Comfort Handle, an accessory birthed from the annals of extensive user research conducted to keep the company’s longstanding PIPETMAN brand a crowd favorite. The campaign included branding, social media contests, creative video and… a lot of early morning conference calls with Gilson headquarters in Paris. Lucky for everyone involved, the Outlier office is fueled daily by large buckets of coffee flown in by military cargo planes, so early morning calls are no match for our caffeinated marketing pros.

Gilson PIPETMAN Comfort Handle Video

Fresh Outlier Faces

Springtime arrived bringing with it some unexpected early sunshine and the happily anticipated arrival of new Outlier Video Specialist, Andy Chandler. Andy’s background is in tv news, (and man, can he produce great videos fast!) and his impressive video, broadcast, and storytelling experience have been a pretty amazing addition to the Outlier team, so much so we don’t even give him that hard a time when he starts to get itchy if forced to wear collared shirts for longer than the duration of a client meeting.

May 2015 also happened to mark yet another stupendously terrific thing--Outlier’s 10 Year Anniversary! Who would have thought that Outlier cofounders Ben and Jed would become friends at Clemson University (Go Tigers!.... is what they make us say no less than 10x a day or our pay gets docked, someone should really talk to them about that) only to make their way, separately, to Portland where they would regroup to begin a business venture that’s still going strong ten years later? Well, we are awfully happy that they did as well as immensely proud to mark the special occasion this year.

Throughout spring and summer, the Outlier team continued our focus on long term clients and new projects alike, averaging an increase in online leads of almost 20% across the board for Outlier clients. From branding and web design, a seriously cool and interactive geodata web project partnering with Rice University, and a smorgasbord of video projects both small and large that helped Outlier video sales grow by 47% this year, we ask you... TOO MUCH FUN? NEVER!

Outlier Video Project for Bonneville Power Administration

The fall brought an exciting new partnership with local heroes DoveLewis Animal Hospital. Lesser known in general circles but well established in veterinary practices around the country and abroad is the hospital’s educational website that provides training from real-life veterinary professionals at the DoveLewis Hospital. Working closely with the DoveLewis team, Outlier redesigned a website (launching January 2016) that will effectively connect vet pros from around the world.

Arriving just in time to join in the 2015 party, Outlier’s newest team member, Daniel Toader, joined us in September. A back-end developer with an extensive technical background, Daniel’s smarts and professionalism have made him an instant favorite around the office and with Outlier clients.

So here we are, 12 months older with another year of creative enterprise under our belts. Refreshed and ready to take on the challenge of turning new customers into happy long term clients, we look forward to the new year with a great deal of enthusiasm, a bold and brainy collection of Outlier staffers, and a whole lot of big ideas for the coming year!

Happy New Year from Outlier!


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