Outlier Lends a Hand for Northwest Children's Fund Fundraising Event

by: KMartin

With so many great causes to support, the Outlier team could proudly keep ourselves busy doing pro-bono work all the day long. Unfortunately, this pro-bono business model still has some kinks to work out, so in the meantime we'll keep our for-profit model with a little pro-bono work sprinkled in throughout the year.

Recently, Outlier got the opportunity to pitch in and help out with supporting marketing collateral and other materials for an upcoming fundraiser for the Northwest Children's Fund, including an auction Save-The-Date card, Gala Invitations, RSVP, and wristlets.

"We absolutely love seeing all the pieces come together and having a life of their own," says Outlier's Lead Graphic Designer, Diana Lien. "The theme 'A Splash of Hope' was brought alive with strong photography, textures, and type. What a fun project!"

Their mission,"To end the cycle of child abuse and neglect by investing in programs for at-risk children and their families, and inspiring informed philanthropy devoted to improving child welfare," was a great motivator for us, and we are glad we were able to join in the fundraising efforts.

We were originally asked by Julie Kay Schatzman for our support, so we asked her how things went. 

"In the world of non-profits," Julie Kay tells us, "I am sensitive asking too much from our pro bono partners. In the case of Outlier Solutions, we feel that the support we received was fabulous, and we are so grateful. The Outlier team was responsive, creative, and engaged from beginning to end."

Thanks, Julie Kay! Our graphic design team had a great time working on this project, and we are looking forward to attending the Northwest Children's Fund's Gala in Seattle this April.

-Written by Ben Friedle


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