Outlier Shoots the Block: DJI OSMO Demo

by: KMartin


Outlier recently picked up a DJI OSMO, a new system that combines the Zenmuse X3 camera with a detachable handle that promises "motion without blur and action shots without shake." We liked the sound of that, so Ben has been giving it a spin this past week and gave us a quick review of the camera's features.

Ben's Review

The first thing I would say in my official review is that the price point of this camera makes it a no brainer. Everyone today is including drone footage in their video work. This is the same drone technology you find on the popular DJI Phantom, which is to say the combination of the 4K camera with 120 FPS combined with a stabilizing gimbal and the ability to pan, tilt, and lock in subjects." There is a front trigger that allows you to lock onto a subject, recenter the camera or flip around to selfie mode. We bought this camera just before a week of shooting indoors to grab b-roll and generally have fun at the shoot. Yesterday was a really sunny morning so Ben headed around the block to give us all a taste of what this camera can do out of the box.


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