Sing it From the Rafters! (Using the Top 5 Social Media Sites for Business)

by: KMartin

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Great news! There are approximately 1,234 social media sites to help you get your brand's message out, to help promote your products, and to communicate with your customers (What's that you say? An exaggeration? Perhaps, but not by much we don't think.) Bad news! With an endless parade of social media sites cropping up every day, you have some tough decisions ahead to make regarding your company's social media strategy

We're sympathetic. Understanding which sites can offer you the most benefit for your business can be incredibly challenging. Finding the resources, both financial and time based, can be a big problem for a lot of businesses. 

That's why we've put together a handy list for you to help you as you plan your social media marketing efforts this year. Welcome to the Top 5 Social Media Sites for Business list. We understand this is not an exhaustive list. And, depending on what your end goals are, there may be other sites that suit your needs as well or perhaps even better than these five will. But for most businesses, maintaining a presence on these five will garner real results and make the most of limited resources. So here's the lowdown:

  1. LinkedIn: Bet you thought we would say Facebook first, didn't you? Nope! Here at Outlier, we believe firmly in the power of LinkedIn to help B2B marketers. LinkedIn gives professional networking a boost and can be a great resource for businesses. Connect professionally with other individuals and companies that share interests, professional experience, and ideas. LinkedIn also gets excellent SEO attention.
  2. YouTube: YouTube is still the 2nd largest search engine, and can be used to promote products, offer training, give presentations, post interviews, strengthen your brand and engage with your audiences. Now you can link your YouTube and Google+ accounts as well. Or, take advantage of advertising options with video ads.
  3. Google+: Not everyone loves this one just yet, but it's promoted heavily by Google and should not be ignored. Some key benefits? Targeted messaging that can be offered to various "circles", local search page results are now integrated with Google+, and search factors like Google's +1 affect both social and regular Google search results. 
  4. FacebookNo social media conversation would be complete without Facebook. At more than 1 billion users, Facebook is still the world's largest social media site. Enough reason for many to join in. If that's not enough, Facebook's excellent targeting capabilities and fully customizable pages might be. Facebook is being used by many to help amplify and strengthen their brands, as well as to show the more people-oriented side of corporate culture. Facebook ads are also getting a lot of attention lately. 
  5. Twitter:Twitter boasts a worldwide user base and is being used by many companies to speed up access to customer service resources and to promote news about the company. This site is a good place to work at building thought leadership as well as for marketing purposes.

There you have it. Our Top 5 Social Media Sites for businesses. How will you use them for your company this year?

-Written by Kathleen Martin


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