Transform Your Website with Web Fonts and Typography

by: KMartin

When it comes to choosing a font for your website, how do you narrow down the thousands of different type faces? What's the best selection for your content?

With access to thousands of new fonts in the last few years, web designers everywhere are rejoicing... the aesthetic of print design has (finally) transitioned into the web space. #eyecandy With advancements in type display in browsers (old and new), the possibilities of using type on the web are almost endless.

What are webfonts?

Webfonts are a font format (licensed) used by web designers and developers to use real typography online without losing the advantages of live text - dynamic, searchable, accessible content.

Some tips for selecting a web font:

  1. Pick and choose wisely - select a typeface that is appropriate for your content
  2. Do your research - browse, and browse some more
  3. Build and design around a font family - let the design flow into your composition
  4. Readibility - it's all in the details: serif vs. san serif; proportions; function
  5. Stay up-to-date with browser updates - compatibility is contantly changing, so you need to stay in the know
  6. Be patient - good typography takes time and effort, keeping it simple doesn't mean losing creative freedom
  7. Test it out - different platforms and different browsers

Wait, what if I don't have that font installed on my computer, can I still use it on my website?

Absolutely. When a web font is used, instructions are sent to your browser to temporarily load the font into your computer's font cache. This means your browser will display the font correctly while viewing the website, but won't actually install any files onto your computer. This enables you to safely use web fonts and ensure that this unique technique of making your website stand out on the web is cross platform compatible with Mac OS, Windows, iOS (iPhone), and Android operating systems.

Well then, let's go web font crazy!

Hang on there, my friend. Not so fast. Loading too many web fonts on your website can actually increase load times and cause potential performance issues. In addition to increased load time, too many fonts can confuse the user, or make your site look cluttered and disorganized. Choose your fonts wisely. (Refer to #1 on the list above.)

Sounds scary... Are you sure using web fonts is a good idea?

Without a doubt. Outlier's design team can help you narrow down an effective set of fonts that will enhance your organizations' brand while our technical team can optimize these fonts to reduce load time and efficiency on your visitor's browser for a seamless viewing experience.

Web fonts are a revolutionary breakthrough in web #typography. Let us help you harness this power to bring a unique look and feel to your website.


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