Which Video Style to Choose?

by: AChandler

Each year, every aspect of video production has been democratized further and further. While pre-production has arguably always been low-cost, aside from finding talented writers and producers, right now you'll find production and even post-production offer nearly limitless possibilities in quality, aesthetic, and design at a reasonable price.

Popular styles that once required teams of creatives are now achievable with the right tools and a few talented resources. At Outlier, we approach each project with an open mind and consider a number of visual styles to establish a look or feel for each new video. We don’t pigeonhole ourselves to one medium, either, often using a combination of formats to produce the best possible results for our clients.

To give some context and to help you understand the different video styles now available for your video content, Outlier created the quick tutorial guide below. Which style will you choose?

Typically, pricing for videos produced at Outlier range from $2.5k - 6.5k. Click here to talk with us and request a specific quote.

3D Animation - Detailed renderings tailored from CAD files make nearly any camera movement possible. Items gigantic and microscopic can be explored with photorealistic detail. Today's 3D technology allows for incredibly fast models with very little turnaround time. See our example working with HP here.

Explainer Video - While more of a format than style, explainer videos have become perhaps the most popular method to convey complex concepts and ideas in a quick and easy way. Explainer videos typically employ a flat, 2D style but can also incorporate elements from 3D animation and motion graphics. Check out our example here.

Motion Graphics - Traditional graphs and static PowerPoint presentations no longer engage in 2015. Motion graphics provide a fun and appealing way to present numbers and elaborate data, using animation and careful timing to drive interest.

Social Media - Video is often forgotten on social media channels, but remains a top way to capture audiences in a short, bite-sized way. Instagram is one of the most popular social media services on the planet, and allows a maximum of 15 seconds when uploading video. Keeping social media channels active with unique content helps your brand stay connected and engaged with followers new and old. Check out our Instagram for some video examples.

Culture Piece - The essence of a company or group is both ultra important and a very difficult thing to communicate via legacy media like written copy on a website or print media. Showing what it feels like to be involved with your organization is an excellent way to instantly demonstrate the personality and culture of an entire staff.

Product Video - With video being integrated into nearly every platform around--particularly mobile--it can often help to provide customers with well-shot video showcasing a product. Devices with specific motions, mechanics, features, and operation especially benefit from this. Basic products also gain attention by using video, furnishing customers with a vibrant level of polish versus more conventional means like still images or text product descriptions.


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