Live at Sketch Jam

Live at "Sketch Jam"

We filmed "SketchJam" at Coroflot during design week and streamed the event live through Coroflot's facebook page.

The Results

  • 8.5k views on live stream
  • 2.9k views on recap video
  • Heightened event experience through projection of live coverage at event

Event Photo Gallery

Filming Live

We teamed up with Coroflot to film the event "SketchJam" which Coroflot hosted during Design Week Portland.

We had three of our team members at the event - two on camera and one managing the live stream switch board.

The live stream was hosted through Coroflot's facebook page, as well as streamed directly at the event to provide the audience with a closer view of the drawings.

After the event, we took the footage and edited a short recap piece which Coroflot used to further the reach of the event.


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